Improve Business Processes


Our wide experience in EE.UU is proving that by delivering a consistent customer experience that’s aligned to the overall brand promise of a company all the time underpinned by a clear and well defined business processes are driving a double digit growth not only on sales of new and used cars and fixed operations, but more important, on their respective gross margin




We strongly believe that a car dealer must have a Business Development Center where all business areas are managed in a consistent manner and focused on consumer service tailored to each customer profile.


All of this would not be possible without a Human Capital with a well defined job description, properly trained and over all motivated to do the job.

At 4 Motion Vehicle Consulting S.L. we offer you a FREE assessment of the business processes at your dealer site. This would be without any commitment from your side.

Based on our report, you would decide in what processes we can support you for improvement